Boys Swim Short Dark Salmon

Boys Swim Short Dark Salmon

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Babyface the smile in your mind!

Eye-catching clothing that offers a great price/ quality ratio and distinctive design…that is the success behind Babyface. The Babyface collection was designed for babies and on up to toddlers. With the Babyface collection for your little one the smile in your mind moment is quaranteed!

Babyface designs clothes for baby’s in the sizes 50 to 116. Babyface offers 2 different collections:

Babyface Newborn
Sweet, alluring, in soft materials and most importantly: practical and comfortable. Babyface Newborn is available in sizes 50/56-74 and offers everything a baby needs.

Babyface Toddler
For today’s self-willed and curious toddlers who are discovering a whole new World: playful, sturdy and great looking clothing which can be combined endlessly with other Babyface garments. Available in sizes 68-116.

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