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Big Belly Banks

Big Belly Banks

Big Belly Banks

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The inspiration for Big Belly Banks came from a goose that chased me. It was trying to get a sandwich out of my hand.  The higher I raised the sandwich the more the goose stretched its neck trying to reach it.  I thought it was hilarious.  Later that day I sketched a cartoon looking goose with a long neck.  I took a pencil and drew a zig-zag line down it's neck.  I thought it would be cool to make a bank that would "Eat" money.  

I made the first bank for one of my daughters birthdays.  Watching and listening to the coins travel down the neck made me laugh.  I thought that other people might like them so I made 500 Ducks and Dinosaurs and took them to a large craft show.  I sold all 500 and took orders for 470 more!

Encouraged by my success at Craft Shows, I obtained multiple patents, and went into business.  That was 25 years ago!

I believe that Big Belly Banks make the perfect gift.

They are:

Quality-Fun-Educational-Decorative-a Keepsake, and Personalized for FREE.

Every Big Belly® Bank is crafted using CERTIFIED safe materials and paints. They are handcrafted in my hometown of Elizabethtown, NY, USA. 

- The BELLY holds 987 quarters or about $120 in mixed change.

-  Unscrew the special Belly bolt to empty. You can fill and empty over and over.

We are a small family business and truly appreciate every order.

The bodies are made out of a recycled wooden product called Medium Density Fiberboard. It is made from Canadian White Pine.  It’s perfect for making the banks because there isn’t any grain to make it weak, it’s splinter free, and there isn’t any sap to bleed through the paint.

The Belly is made from a very durable plastic.  It can be filled and emptied over and over again.
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